Corporate Photography Services

The problems with stock images: 

Stock images are overused, and don’t accurately represent your company, brand, and message. Custom photography offers your brand a personalized approach setting you apart from competitors who instead use generic stock images. 

  1. Stock photos are overused and may also be in use by your competitors.
  2. They aren’t authentic or fitting of your team, brand, or representative of the Greater Sudbury region. 
  3. You must worry about IP and copyright as stock images have specific licenses as to where or how you can use them, unlike custom photography which then become exclusive to your company.  
  4. You won't save money or time with stock images. The countless hours spent shopping for an adequate image could have been spent with a perfect photo shoot.

Why book your corporate photography with Chris Taillefer

The customer base you will acquire with the right marketing and messaging using custom photography will benefit you in the long-term. People will trust you and feel like they can relate to your business when your photos will show real local professional’s in Northern Ontario. Social posts will get more views, likes, and shares when the audience recognizes the people and locations portrayed.

More than just corporate headshots

Chris Taillefer Photography specialized in “in the moment” authentic photography. We encourage sessions to include more than your typical team photos. Candid Commercial photos of your team working, speaking with customers, in meetings, using your product and space can all help build the image content your business needs for all your marketing and social materials.

Our corporate photography services:

Corporate Team Photos

Candid Commercial photos

Product Photography

Marketing photography

Event Photography

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Book Chris Taillefer Photography as your official photography vendor for the year

Need coverage of a new teammate joining your enterprise? Need photos of a newly listed property, or photos of this week’s restaurant special? Let us capture all these moments for you as quickly as you need them. As your official photography vendor, Chris Taillefer Photography will ensure we put your corporate photo needs first on an on-call basis during regular business hours.

Westmount Community Center

As your official corporate photographer, we include: 

  • Discounted rates locked in for a year. 
  • On call for any photographic needs. *Dependent on availability
  • Priority given to our corporate clients first.
  • Ability to coordinate with your marketing or communications team. 
  • Ability to be on a monthly retainer if preferred.

Working with a Marketing Team: 

Are you a marketer, social media specialist, or designer and looking to partner with a photographer? Chris Taillefer Photography is happy to join your team as your photographer of record to assist you in creating custom imagery for your clients. 

Let’s meet and discuss a potential partnership!