About Me

As a family man and sports lover, I understand the importance of both and being able to capture the moments that really do matter!

Meet Chris, the man behind the lens

With 15 years behind the lens, I am Chris, your seasoned photographer based out of Sudbury, ON. My lens isn't limited to one specialty; I am well versed in sports, commercial, and family photography. I also have a keen eye for capturing engagements, weddings, maternity and more.

Whether it's the adrenaline of sports, the sophistication of commercial imagery, the warmth of family portraits, or the love and anticipation of weddings and more, I'm here to freeze those beautiful moments in time.

Discover the art of visual storytelling with me, your personal photographer.

"Capturing Memories, Crafting Stories, and Embracing the Adventure Along the Way"

MISSION: To capture the special candid moments that make your story exceptional.