Meet Chris Taillefer

With 15 years behind the lens, I am Chris, your seasoned photographer based out of Sudbury, ON. My lens isn't limited to one specialty; I am well versed in sports, commercial, and family photography. I also have a keen eye for capturing engagements, weddings, maternity and more.

Family Photography

I specialize in capturing the warmth, connection, and adventurous spirit of family bonds through timeless portraits. From cozy moments at home to exciting outdoor adventures against Sudbury’s scenic backdrop, I strive to create images that reflect the love and joy shared among loved ones. Whether it’s a milestone, a spontaneous family outing, or a cherished portrait session, let’s create memories together!

Weddings & Engagement Photography

Ready to capture your love story authentically? Dive into my portfolio, get a feel for my approach, and imagine how I’ll bring your wedding or engagement vision to life. Let’s create real, unforgettable moments together.

Sports Photography

I love to capture the raw energy and authentic emotions of the game. Based in Sudbury, Ontario, I specialize in lifestyle sports photography that goes beyond the action, focusing on the real moments that define each sport. From the determination etched on a player’s face to the pride of coaches and the unwavering support of parents, I’m here to document it all. Let’s tell the story of your game together, one genuine moment at a time.

Corporate Photography

Specializing in capturing the professionalism, culture, and spirit of your organization, I’m dedicated to creating impactful visuals that elevate your brand. Whether it’s enhancing your website, crafting marketing materials, or documenting company events, let’s collaborate to leave a lasting impression.

Photo Gallery

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